Atelier Works

Laboratorio, fucina, incubatrice, location sapientemente plasmata, spazi scanditi da capolavori in crescita, in evoluzione... e il tempo che governa!

My feeling of time

At the center of my research as an artist is the theme of time, investigated in its multiple aspects.
I reconstruct the alchemy of how materials are transformed by the passage of time. Crucial transformations are made by marking, cutting, eroding and polishing. In my work discarded materials are reclaimed and recombined in order to discover another life, one with new associations.
For me, the moment of focus converges around the classical world. Many of my works take their titles from Greek and Roman myths, for example the works called Kronos and Gaia.
Whether i am working with small objects or large installations, an allusion to the Classical is present in my work. For example, in my series of Sacred Temples the enclosed spaces are essential structures in which the allusion is to the temple but also to the theatre the theatre of marionette figures. In these temples are gathered symbolic elements capable of sustaining multiple versions of storytelling.
In these works the theatrical dimension and the religious dimension co-exist. These dimensions frequently intersect in our daily lives. But above all is the invisable force of Kronos symbolizing time, time which wieghs on us, directs us and dominates our every event.
It is true that through the passage of time things become hidden or covered, but also things rise to the surface; nature is modified and accompanied by changing cycles. The diverse moments of my work come together to form a synthesis of imagery which traverses these notions of time.

Brunivo Buttarelli